Ringtone for iphone: Android™

Are you looking to get new ringtone & original ringtone for iphone on your Android phone? Bored with old ringtone and want to get some original iPhone ringtones 2021?

Download original iPhone Ringtone for Android™ 2021 now and get the latest original Ringtone for iphone, or even the best Remix iphone Ringtone to your Android smartphones! You can use for iphone ringtone and set them as default ringtone, message ringtone, alarm ringtone or even contact ringtone.

What’s included in the app:
You can find many original iphone ringtones in this App. But if you looking for something original, no worries, there is also some remix ringtone and Marimba remix version for iphone ringtones included.

-Set any Ringtone for iphone on Android™ as Ringtone /Notifications/ Alarm Sound/ contact ringtone
-Choose your favorite tone, click on the right corner setting button, set the ringtone as your standard ringtone of iphone it’s easy in few steps!
-You now can Download original ringtone to “DOWNLOAD” folder.

“Set as Alarm” command will affect existing ringtone alarms, and the new ringtone you create. You don’t need to delete existing alarm ringtone and create a new one to change the alarm sound to the ringtone desired. Some devices may need to select the ringtone manually from the ringtones list.

Legal Info:
Android is a trademark of Google Inc. original Ringtone for iphone on Android™ app is not affiliated with nor in any way related to Google Inc.

Thanks for using our app:”original ringtone for iphone on android™”
hope you enjoy it 🙂

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