Mobile Tracker for Android

 Prerequisites to use mobile tracker:
1. Create account using mobile number and 4 digit pin
2. After successful login you can see home page

** Mobile Tracker for Android Application – Home Page:

This mobile tracker application has two main features where you can see in home page

1. Mobile Location Tracker
2. Mobile Number and Address Tracker

** Mobile Location tracker:
Mobile location tracker is location tracking by making it easy to get connected with your friends and family and share location with this mobile app.

Mobile tracker makes your cell phone safe from getting lost and make easy for you to reach at your phone location.

Main features of this Location Tracker:

• View your current location with GPS Tracker
• Track your own lost phone
• Share “real time location” with your family and friends
• You can change map to satellite view
• You can also see street view with this mobile app

Mobile App provides “user friendly” interface and location tracking with map. Your privacy will be protected with your password in this Location tracker.

** Mobile Number and Address Tracker:

Benefits in Mobile Tracker app,

* Mobile Tracker for Android app gives your current location with full address.

* Mobile Tracker for Android app gives any location address. In this feature when click on any location in map, it will shows the location address with latitude and longitude.

Mobile Tracker for Android Features:

* Current Location and Address: Users can see their current location & address
* Find Location Address: Users can click any location in map and see any location address in our app
* Find Address – Latitude and Longitude
* International Number Network Finder
* SIM card network provider details

How it works?

Mobile Number Network Provider Finder:

* Search any mobile number in this mobile network provider tracker feature.
* It provides complete information of any mobile number and service provider.
* Mobile Number telecom circle can view in map

Current Location Address Feature:

* Mobile Tracker for Android application has feature to display and share current location information with address.

Find Location Address:

* Click any location and get address details of that location in this feature with latitude and longitude details in this mobile tracker app

SIM Card Details:

* Go to this option in mobile tracker app and get the SIM card network provider details(provides multiple SIM network provider details)

Privacy Policy & Support:

* Your privacy is our top concern, the app requires too little permission to protect your privacy. The only needed permissions are to perform the main app function about location tracking and contacts permission for account sign up.

* If you required any assistance/guidance, click on support link given in help option and ask your queries. We will help you at the earliest.

Important Notes about mobile tracker:

* Mobile Tracker App uses permission to read phone state, to get the current cellular network information and a list of any phone accounts registered on the device. This App won’t use the information for any other purpose

* Mobile Tracker App uses permission to access coarse and fine location, which allows app to access approximate and precise location, to display location in Google map. This App won’t use the location information for any other purpose.

* Mobile Tracker App has very minimum permissions with lots of features. Thanks for using our app.


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