Kitaaba Amaloota 7 Namooonni Milkaa’oo The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Addunyaa Kanarratti namoonni baay’ee milkaa’oo ta’anii gaarummaa hojjechuun addunyaa keenyarratti beekamoon amaloota walii galaa torba qabu. kitaabni kun afaan ingliffaatiin kan qophaa’ee fi dandeetti kitaaba ingliffaan dubbisuu keenyarree ni dabala. kitaabni kun copy Million toorbaan afaanota garaagaraan hiikamee dubbisameera. ammammoo namoota kitaaba kana hin arganneef bifa pdf android formaatiidhaan buufattanii fayyadamuun dubbisuu ni dandeessu.

Here are the key insights from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People :

1. Sharpen the saw. Don’t work yourself to death. Strive for a sustainable lifestyle that affords you time to recuperate, recharge and be effective in the long-term.

2. Be proactive. You have a natural need to wield influence on the world around you so don’t spend your time just reacting to external events and circumstances. Take charge and assume responsibility for your life.

3. Begin with an end in mind. Don’t spend your life working aimlessly, tackling whatever job is at hand. Have a vision for the future and align your actions accordingly to make it into a reality.

4. Put first things first. To prioritize your work, focus on what’s important, meaning the things that bring you closer to your vision of the future. Don’t get distracted by urgent but unimportant tasks.

5. Think win-win. When negotiating with other, don’t try to get the biggest slice of the cake, but rather find a division that is acceptable to all parties. You will still get your fair share, and build strong positive relationships in the process.

6. Seek first to understand, then to be understood. When someone presents us with a problem, we often jump right to giving a solution. This is a mistake. We should first take time to really listen to the other person and only then make recommendations.

7. Synergize. Adopt the guiding principle that in a group, the contributions of many will far exceed those of any individual. This will help you achieve goals you could never have reached on your own.

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