IQ Test – How smart are you?

If you can score a 180+ on this IQ Test, you are a true genius!

If you always wondered about your intelligence quotient, this app is just the right thing for you. This app tests you on verbal and linguistics ability, mathematics, logical reasoning and spatial reasoning aptitude.

The difficulty of the questions in the IQ quiz depends on the age group you fall in, so be prepared! Your IQ score is calculated based on the number of questions you answered correctly, their difficulty and your age.

– IQ Tests administered and evaluated with complete explanations and answers so that you can increase your understanding of where you went wrong
– Historical IQ score charts and IQ distribution charts, so that you can track your progress and watch your mental abilities increase over time

#Additional notes –
Different IQ tests have different ways of evaluation, so the test scores may differ in each. The scores you get in this test are in no way “accurate”, it is just an evaluation of you performed on this test. This app is for people who would like to get better each time they take a test, and have fun in the process. So keep trying and keep improving your scores!


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