GuzoGo: Compare and Book Flight Tickets

Go Smart and spend less with GuzoGo

With GuzoGo you can:

✓ Compare flight prices from all airlines operating in Ethiopia
✓ make confident booking using local time and calendar
✓ make bookings and complete payments online
✓ Save time by finding all prices and availability in one place
✓ Log in and save your flight preferences for a faster, more personal experience across all your devices.

GuzoGo is very simple, user friendly and intuitive which makes it easy to use for new users and users familiar with such systems. All you need to do is search, filter and book your flights and finally selecting form of payment to complete booking process. E-ticket will be send shortly after payment confirmation
✓ Search and compare flights to your destination from all airlines operating in Ethiopia
✓ find the flights your looking for by searching with Ethiopian calendar and time.
✓ Find just what you’re looking for by searching for flights by city or airport
✓ Find the flights you’re looking for by filtering price range, airport, airlines, number of stops, departure and arrival times, and flight duration.
✓ Filter results by the cheapest flight and the Fastest flight
✓ Save flights from your search results to compare and book later
✓ Login to view your booking history across all your devices for a seamless experience
✓ Take a look at checked baggage and seat reservation fees so you’re always prepared before booking
✓ Stay up-to-date on maximum carry-on or hand-luggage sizes and weights to avoid extra baggage costs
✓ See a snapshot of your selected flight dates and times so you can review before booking


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